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I had the pleasure of being coached by Jay and his wife, Kelly, throughout high school. Without hesitation, I know their coaching and guidance was critical in my development as a cheerleader, but also as an individual. 


Jay is an experienced and reputable gymnastic/cheerleading coach, mentor, and role model. While coaching our team, Kelly and Jay instilled many values, including the importance of hard work, drive, and persistency. Their values and lessons established a foundation for all of us to get to where we wanted to be, and that was #1. The dedication to our team, the girls, and even our families, was remarkable and something that I will forever be thankful for. While their expertise in cheerleading, gymnastics, dance, choreography, and coaching is second to none, so is their commitment.


I could not think of a better addition to your Robin Dawn staff. 

Jenna P.


Jason is a dedicated and experienced coach/mentor.  He helped me reach many milestones in my cheerleading career that I thought were impossible!  He not only guided me to achieve higher goals on the mat, but off the mat as well.  Jason always made sure each individual on the team was feeling confident and well prepared.  I have known Jay for more than 10 years and his unwavering dedication and knowledge of the sport of cheerleading is second to none!  I feel grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of his team.

Jessica S.

Local Business Owner

I am proud to say that Jason and Kelly were my cheerleading coaches. They became part of the cheerleading program during my second year of cheerleading. Before their leadership, my squad was under average at best! Our half time performances, our stunts, our cheers, our screechy voices, and our endurance (or lack there of) were nothing to be admired before their coaching. I can still remember the first day when Jason and Kelly introduced themselves and laid down rules with extremely high expectations we did not think we could meet. Throughout the year, they changed our half time shows into performances that brought hundreds of compliments, our stunts became impressive, and we learned to cheer with enthusiasm and professionalism. The two turned a subpar cheer squad into a proud, strong and athletic sports team. I strongly feel that Jason and Kelly will be an enhancement to the Robin Dawn team.

Rosie A.

Jason and Kelly were my daughter's cheerleading coaches while she was in high school.  They would always go the extra mile!  Jason would always stay late and hold extra sessions on tumbling with the girls.  My daughter had her back handspring after just two sessions!  The key to perfecting this skill was the confidence he instilled in her.  He is so professional, fair and caring.  Jason not only taught the team the skills they needed to succeed in competition, but also instilled in the girls the importance of teamwork, leadership, physical fitness and giving back to the community.  He also lead by example in these areas and the entire team looked up to him.  My daughter, to this day, has kept up her relationship with Jason and Kelly.  Their two daughters will be standing up in my daughter's wedding!  It's so wonderful, as a parent, to see the way these two have made an impact in the lives of children long after they have graduated.  

Debbie S.

Local Business Owner

Coach Jay and Kelly were some of my favorite coaches during my 13 years of cheerleading. They were had high expectations  and knew exactly what kind of physical shape I needed to be in to perform my best skills. The conditioning was killer but it all paid off in the end when it came down to competing. Jay and Kelly has a plethora of experience in cheerleading and dance and know exactly what it takes to be a competitor. I would do anything to go back and have Coach Jay and Coach Kelly as my coach again.



Coach Jay and Kelly were some of my most well-rounded coaches I had in all my years of cheering. We weren’t just cheerleaders as they molded us into athletes who earned respect from others.We had so much fun, but a level of respect was always there. I miss them so much.


For the past 14 years, I have had the pleasure of knowing Jason and Kelly Metevia on both a professional and personal level.  As the new coaches of my daughter's high school cheerleading squad, it quickly became apparent the rapport they were building with the girls.  They came in to the program well organized, disciplined and with the skills and experience needed to make the squad successful thus earning the respect of the cheerleaders and parents. By laying out clear expectations and setting the bar high, they clearly brought a new professionalism and life to the cheerleading program that it had never seen. 

Additionally, Jason and Kelly's character is impeccable and I feel confident they possess the qualities to build a success program at RDA.

Daniel P.

Local Business Owner

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